Tuesday, May 18, 2010



This is an easy review. I did not finish the book. Why? It's written in present tense, a death knell for fiction. Ms. Crouch, tell me one reason that this novel is better because of the present tense narrative point-of-view.

Oh, you argue, a few sections of the book are in the past tense POV. So, why is that? Would the book have been weakened if the entire novel was written in past tense POV?

Answer: No. So, the reason you chose the alternating present/past POV is merely an attempt to be hip, cool, modern?

Sorry, that's no good enough. All it did was annoy the hell out of me. It made me pay attention to the style and distracted from your story, a cardinal sin for fiction. It is nothing more than your pathetic plea to the reader: "Look at me, I'm a WRITER!"

And a poor one at that, Ms. Crouch.

BIBLIO SAYS: Avoid like syphilis.

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